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African Organisation for Standardisation

ARSO Secretary General reviews the achievement of ARSO Under the 2012-2017 Strategic Framework

In reviewing the performance of ARSO under the Strategic Framework 2012 -2017, ARSO Secretary General highlights the achievements of the Organisation and calls on increased collaboration among member States, partner Organisations, the RECs and the African Union.

The Secretary General reiterated the Experts opinion that “the problem of poor Quality Infrastructure is part of the reasons for the low level integration and intra-African Trade, indicating that unless efforts are doubled to secure the Quality Infrastructure deficits in the continent, Africa will miss out in opportunities offered by globalization, Global Trade and the Integration and industrialization Agenda (including the CFTA)”. Expert opinion (UNIDO 2015, World Bank 2015, USAID 2015) demonstrate that the setting up a Quality Infrastructure System is one of the most positive and practical steps that a developing nation can take on the path forward to developing a thriving economy as a basis for prosperity, health and well-being.

The Secretary General called on the Assembly on the need for creating greater awareness campaigns within member States, regions and within the political circles, targeting policy making organs both at the Continental and the RECs level.

  • Harmonisation Of The African Standards Under The Thirteen ARSO Technical Harmonisation Committees (13 ARSO THCs) With Experts From all over Africa Institutions (Academia, Industries, Civil Society, Unions)
  • The ARSO Conformity Assessment Programme (ARSO CACO)
  • The African Ecolabelling Scheme (AEM),
  • ARSO Documentation and Information Networks (ARSO DISNET – African Trade Web Portal)
  • ARSO Consumer Committee (ARSO COCO),
  • The African Day of Standardisation and Essay Competitions
  • ARSO Capacity Building and Training.

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