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African Organisation for Standardisation

ARSO NEW PRESIDENT, Dr Eve Christine Gadzikwa, D.H.L, MBA, FIML&CS, Grad Dipl IMM.

Dr. Eve Gadzikwa was officially inaugurated as the ARSO President after her election as the ARSO President Elect by the 21st ARSO General Assembly held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in August 2015.

This is as per article 10, 10.1 which states that “A president-elect shall be elected one year to the end of the term of the serving president” and Rule 4, 4.2.2 that states that “One year prior to the completion of office of a President, the next President shall be elected and shall commence his/her duties upon approval by the GA”.

So did the 22nd ARSO General Assembly under its Resolution 10, after being notified by the ARSO Council, INAUGURATED Dr. Eve Gadzikwa as the ARSO President for the 2016-2019 term as per the ARSO Constitution and its rules of Procedures.

The Election of Dr. Gadzikwa as ARSO President is Historic as she becomes the first Woman ARSO President since the inception of the Organisation in 1977 at the historic City of Accra Ghana, by the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), currently the Africa Union (AU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Dr. Eve Gadzikwa is the 13th ARSO President coming after 12 other Presidents, who had in one way or the other contributed to the growth of the Organisation to its current status of a true Pan-African Organisation ensuring that African countries benefit from globalisation through standardisation.

The Sixth Aspiration of the African Union Agenda 2063 is “An Africa where development is people-driven, unleashing the potential of women and youth”.Dr Eve Christine Gadzikwa, D.H.L, MBA, FIML&CS, Grad Dipl IMM,  The 13th ARSO President  and the First ARSO Lady President.

Current positions of leadership include;

  1. ARSO President (June 2016-June 2019)
  2. Zimbabwe National SQAM Chairperson
  3. SADCA Country Representative (SADC)
  4. Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Committee Chair –Standards & Business Ethics
  5. ISO DEVCO Chairman’s Advisory Committee Member
  6. Board of Trustees Women’s University in Africa

Past leadership positions;

  • Immediate Past Chair Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (2010-2015)
  • Immediate Past Chair Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (2010-2015)
  • Past SADCAS Board Member (2009-2015)
  • Past Independent WHO Consultant
  • Executive Director ZINQAP Trust (Proficiency Testing Body).

Eve is happily married to Celestine Gadzikwa and she has two children Charlene and Kuda.

Dr. Gadzikwa takes over ARSO leadership when ARSO is focusing on its strategies beyond 2017 and the life of the current ARSO Strategic Plan 2012-2017 and the implementation of its 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.

This happens when there are calls for African countries to fully leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) in daily activities and production processes for increased efficiency and enabling innovation for competitiveness; focus on the Agribusiness, targeting small-scale farmers, with a call for diversifying their production into higher-value crops, adopting better production processes, thus promoting industrialisation and manufacturing;   develop their transport and ICT infrastructure as a determinant to unlock (intra-) African trade, Agriculture, manufacturing and Industrialisation, SMEs productivity and participation in regional and Global value chains specifically; harmonise the standards, technical regulations and conformity Assessment regimes in Africa and foster greater collaboration among countries to share and implement common standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures; and urgently; focus on the expansion Africa’s market through deeper integration and involvement in the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by the indicative date of 2017.

The CFTA has substantial room to increase trade growth dramatically, and to pave the way for the industrialization and economic transformation necessary for African countries to achieve the ambitious targets of the global Agenda 2030 and Africa’s own Agenda 2063.  To benefit from the CFTA, Africa must focus on reducing technical barriers to Trade. The CFTA should ensure the removal of non-tariff barriers, facilitate convergence on regulatory measures, and enhance trade facilitation.

The Inauguration was done at the 22nd General Assembly under the theme “The Role of Standardisation in Women’s Empowerment and Development towards AU Agenda 2063”.

The adoption of Agenda 2063 by the 24th Summit of the AU Heads of State and Government as the continent’s 50-year structural transformation and development agenda with the Agenda’s sixth Aspiration as “An Africa where development is people-driven, unleashing the potential of women and youth” is a milestone for the continent.

In her Inaugural speech, Dr. Gadzikwa emphasised the need for African countries to cooperate and work together to realise the benefits of standardisation and Conformity Assessment in facilitating Intra-African and global Trade, emphasizing also on the need for empowering African Women  and Youth by integrating them in the development agenda.

Dr. Eve has enjoyed an illustrious professional career which spans over 25 years in the public and private sector. Eve was appointed to her current executive position as Director General of the Standards Association of Zimbabwe in September 2008. She is the organisation’s Company Secretary and Governance champion. During her tenure at the helm of SAZ, Eve has successfully lead a diverse team of professionals, represented her organisation on national, regional and international (ISO, SADC, COMESA, SQAM Committees) and other professional platforms. An experienced medical laboratory scientist (Microbiologist), Eve is a Fellow of the Institute of Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientist Council of Zimbabwe, Proficiency Testing & SQAM expert and business administrator. Eve has been recognised for her contributions through several business excellence accolades, chief among them, 2014 Board Chairperson of the Year (Zimbabwe Business Awards Council), Manager of the Year 2016 (Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce) and Woman in Industry in 2016 (Megafest Zimbabwe).

In 2015, Eve was instrumental in the crafting and successfully launching of the National Code of Corporate Governance for Zimbabwe (ZIMCODE) as Project Steering Committee Vice Chair. ZIMCODE is now widely accepted in public and private sector as a minimum guide for corporates in Zimbabwe and is a key resource for the review of the Companies Act of Zimbabwe.  In 2015, Dr Gadzikwa and published her first Leadership Book, “I Dare You to Lead.” As a role model in her community, in 2013 Eve founded “Mentorship for Success” a Goal Achievers Program designed to empower young men and women to assist them to achieve their professional goals.

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