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African Organisation for Standardisation

Development Partners Deepen their cooperation with ARSO to implement the ARSO Programmes and leapfrog into the ARSO Strategic Direction, 2017-2022

Highlighted are:

  1. ARSO-ACP-EU-TBT-Programme cooperation with ARSO in regard to TBT issues in Africa, support on the upgrading of the ARSO African Trade Web Portal to facilitate the availability of relevant information and trade requirements on African products and export value chains.
  2. The African Union Commission commitment to the initiatives with regard to the implementation of the Quality Infrastructure programmes and activities in Africa and the continued cooperation with ARSO and PAQI pillars in the implementation of the CFTA activities and development of the TBT Annex.
  3. APEX’s continued cooperation with ARSO in the implementation Standards Education in Africa especially the Standards Education programme with the Catholic University of Eastern (CUEA) jointly implemented with KEBS.
  4. The ASTM International cooperation with ARSO in standards harmonisation.
  5. AFRAC’s cooperation with ARSO under the PAQI Forum to utilise accreditation services as a pillar of facilitating trade in Africa
  6. The IEC’s continued cooperation with ARSO through the IEC regional Office in Africa to address the interests of Africa with regard to Energy programmes.
  7. ARSO-ANSI Cooperation in capacity building and training.
  8. ARSO-KATS cooperation with regards to Standards Education training and capacity building.
  9. ARSO-RNF cooperation in implementation of standardisation activities in the French speaking countries and mobilisation of membership.
  10. The ARSO – BSI engagements with regard to exchange of information and views between the two Organisations and standards harmonisation.
  11. The CEN CENELEC commitments to work with ARSO based on the Vienna Agreement and the pledged of interest in Africa deeper integration and implementation of the CFTA based on the CEN – EU Commission relationships, News Standardisation Approach 1985.
  12. The ISO strategic plan 2016-2020 and the strategies for the Regional Engagements
  13. ARSO-DNVL’s engagements with regard to the ARSO Conformity Assessment Programmes.
  14. Intertek’s engagement with ARSO in Capacity building and training.
  15. PTB’s increased support for PAQI initiative and its programmes and affiliate bodies, the standardisation/QI components 2016 project for AUC and RECs. The support of TBT/SPS advisor to the AUC at the AUC Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the awareness creation among the legislative assembly members in the RECs, EAC in particular; engagement with AUC with regard to TBT Experts for developing the TBT chapters of the CFTA. The call for support from the other development partners and member States to the ARSO, PAQI and the CFTRA programme.
  16. The TSE-Turkey and ARSO Cooperation within the signed MoU and support to member States.
  17. UNECA’s cooperation with ARSO with respect to boosting of intra African Trade and the implementation of the CFTA and implementation of Agricultural Standards
  18. WorldFish cooperation in the harmonisation of African standards in boosting the Fish Trade in Africa based on the four fish trade corridors of Africa : Eastern Corridor, WEST Africa Corridor, Central Corridor and Southern Corridor.

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