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Dr Hermogene Nsengimana, PAQI Chairperson and ARSO Secretary General at the AFRIMETS Africa Quality Day.

2 August 2017: Dr Hermogene Nsengimana, PAQI Chairperson and ARSO Secretary General Delivers A Keynote Address at the AFRIMETS Africa Quality Day.

   It is emphasized that quality infrastructure is a pillar to Africa’s sustainable and economic development and none of the quality infrastructure component can stand alone where standards are a necessity that give us technical specifications, metrology and accreditation that gives us assurance about competence of those involved in conformity assessment, testing and certifying; which has been the reason of coming together to form the Pan African quality infrastructure in 2013.

PAQI family, especially AFRIMETS, NMISA and South Africa as economic power of the continent should look into the role we should be playing in order to realize African Agenda. As technology, globalization and climate change will continue to shape our daily life and guide the outcome of the future.  The AU head of states reminds us that standardization as a whole with all Quality Infrastructure component has a role to play as stated in PAQI-AUC strategic plan (agenda 2063) involving just to mention, Eradication of poverty, Addressing Climate change and Preservation of the Environment, Support Young people and strengthen domestic resource mobilization among others to help achieve the quality infrastructure in realizing the agenda 2063.

We need South African’s National Metrology Institute, Bureau of standards and National Accreditation System that support and drive more the QI in Africa.’

The PAQI Chairperson highlighted a stocktaking exercise to establish a baseline of the status and gaps in accreditation, metrology and measurements and standardization in Africa which was conducted by PAQI, (AFRAC, AFRIMETS, AFSEC and ARSO) in 2014 and is compared with the present (2017) results which show a positive trend in 32 African countries with 16 countries’ QI system relatively stable without significant changes. ‘There is a long way to go as countries with well-developed QI can still be counted on finger tips.  The National Metrology Institute of South Africa had organised an Africa Quality Day celebration on 02 August 2017 which also served as the Open Day for AFRIMETS General Assembly 2017. AFRIMETS promotes harmonisation industrial and legal metrology issues across Africa and to operate as afully-fledged Regional Metrology Organization in accordance to the Mutual Recognition Arrangemen to f the International Committee for Weights and Measures, theCIPMMRA. Read the speech…

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