ARSO TC 12 Publishing of 6 Draft Standards (Deadline – 4th April 2022)

ARSO/TC 12 the committee dealing with the harmonization of Cereals, pulses and derived products approved the 6 Drafts Standards for members to conduct Public Review, (Enquiry stage).

1. DARS 461-2022, Maize grains (Corn) – Specification


2. DARS 462-2022 Sorghum grains — Specification


3. DARS 463-2022, Pearl millet grains – Specification


4. DARS 464-2022, Milled rice – Specification


5. DARS 466-2022, Milled maize products – Specification


6. DARS 858-2022, Rough (paddy) rice – Specification


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Please note that as per the ASHAM Procedure the Public Review, (Enquiry stage) period is sixty days and the committee Secretary will be compiling the outcomes on the 4th April 2022.

At the close of business on 4th April 2022 the ARSO TC 12 committee Secretary Mr. Nathaniel Kofi Brakoh through email; and copy; will be receiving the comments from Public Review, (Enquiry stage) for collation and subsequent consideration by the TC.