Good Health and Well-being – ARSO Project for Harmonisation of African Standards on African Traditional Medicine

The SDGs GOAL 3 is on Good Health and Well-being, advocating for effective health care services for all. For Africa, Traditional Medicine acts as the first line of treatment for many people as Numerous traditional African medicines, due to their accessible, affordable and cultural acceptance, are undeniably, the main or only treatment of diseases or maintaining good health, as 80% – 90 % of people in Africa depend on traditional medicine for their primary healthcare (WHO, 2003) and the demand is growing at between 10 % to 20 % annually across the world. Dur to this, in its Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023, the WHO aims at building the knowledge base and formulating national policies; strengthening safety, proven quality and effectiveness through regulation; and, promoting universal health coverage by integrating T&CM services and self-health care into national health systems. With this, several African countries and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) have put in place initiatives to incorporate ATM in their healthcare systems, however the regulatory framework is weak.  With Experts from all over the continent, ARSO has initiated, in 2013, a programme on developing a continental regulatory Framework for the African Traditional Medicine, including, harmonisingAfrican Standards (ARS) and developing Conformity Assessment regimes to promote quality and safety of African Traditional Medicine, through a dependable regulatory Framework.