Prof. Alex Dodoo inaugurated as the 15th ARSO President for the 2022-2025 Term of Office.

Inaugurated ARSO President Prof Alex Dodoo receives the ARSO Flag from the Outgoing President Booto a Ngon Charles

Prof. Alex Dodoo was Inaugurated by the 28th ARSO General Assembly, on 30th June 2022,in Yaoundé Cameroon, as the 15th ARSO President for the 2022-2025 Term of Office, following his election as the President-Elect by the 26th General Assembly held on a hybrid form on 16th June 2021, Taking Note, of the Constitutional Provision which under Schedule I, Rule 4, clause 4.2.2, highlights that “One year prior to the completion of office of a President, the next President shall be elected and shall commence his/her duties upon approval by the General Assembly”.

Prof. Alex Dodoo, who is also the ARSO Political Good Will Ambassador to the African Continental Free Trade Area, made commitments to take ARSO to the next level, in the context of the implementation of the goals of the ARSO 2022-2027 Strategic Plan which was also approved and adopted by the 28th ARSO General Assembly, and which focuses on:

  • Facilitation of Quality Culture in Africa with increased focus on Quality Policy at the National and Regional levels, Cooperation in standardisation activities, including Mutual Recognition Arrangements and Information Sharing.
  • The promotion and acceleration of industrialisation in Africa with a focus SMEs and the Made in Africa Products (AfCFTA Products) and Strengthening the Conformity Assessment to serve the interest of African industries, farmers, producers and consumers, while aligning Africa to universal Sustainability policy in accordance to SDG 2030.
  • Expectation on ARSO under the AfCFTA Agreement TBT Annex 6 and SPS Annex 7, and the implementation plans, under the Sub-Committee for Technical Barriers to Trade, including addressing the SPS Measures, greater partnerships, and Universal of membership of African Countries in ARSO.