Strategic Framework 2017 – 2022

The ARSO Strategic framework outlines the fundamental purpose for the existence of the Organisation as expressed in the Mission Statement and serves as a guiding principle for the operations of the Organisation for the next five years. The Vision statement, project is strategically what ARSO plans to accomplish in the period outlined and provides operational direction of ARSO.

The Goals and objectives which are specific, measurable and result oriented statements of what the organisation intends to accomplish in the next five years has been spelt out. The strategies and activities present the preferred course of action that ARSO will undertake in order to achieve the objectives. The activities are accompanied by performance indicators which are criteria by which the achievements of the objectives will be measured.

The  Strategic Goals of ARSO within the ARSO Strategic Framework 2017 – 2022 are:

  1. Strategic Goal 1: ARSO, through its members, develops high-quality standards and related deliverables
  2. Strategic Goal 2: African standards are adopted and applied as national and sub-regional standards
  3. Strategic Goal 3:  ARSO’s structures and operations are sustainable
  4. Strategic Goal 4:  Stakeholders are effectively engaged across the entire ARSO standardization community