Structure & Governance

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the organization and is constituted by a meeting of the delegates nominated by the Member Bodies, duly convened in accordance with the Rules of Procedure. As a general rule, the General Assembly meets at least once every year.

The Council

The Council consisting of the President and representatives of twelve Member Bodies administers in accordance with the policy laid down by the organization the activities of the Organisation reports on the activities of the Organization to the Member Bodies each year and to the General Assembly at each of its sessions. The President presides over the General Assembly and over the Council and submits to the General Assembly the proposals made and the decisions taken by the Council. The Vice President and the Treasurer are elected by the Council from its own members.


ARSO Council Composition Officials

ARSO Official Position Name
President Booto a Ngon Charles, Cameroon
Vice-President Masego Marobela, Botswana
Treasurer Mr. Issaka Zoungrana, Burkina Faso
Secretary General Dr. Hermogène Nsengimana

ARSO Council Members (2019 – 2022)

Botswana (Vice President), Burkina Faso (Treasurer), DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and the Secretary General, Dr. Hermogene Nsengimana

ARSO Central Secretariat

The Central Secretariat comprises the Secretary General, currently Dr. Hermogène Nsengimana , ARSO staff and members of NSBs on Sabbatical Programme. The Central Secretariat is located at the seat/Headquarters of the Organization, in Nairobi Kenya. The ARSO Central Secretariat, which is the permanent Headquarters office responsible for handling the tasks assigned by the ARSO Council and General Assembly, is charged with the responsibility of executing daily operations, coordination and promotion of all ARSO Programmes and activities. The Central Secretariat liaises and communicates with all the ARSO Stakeholders which includes Members States, Regional Economic Communities, The African Union, International Standards Bodies and Partners, Donors, Government Ministries, among the rest.

ARSO Council Composition (Previous)

Year Previous ARSO Official Name
2016 – 2019 President Dr. Eve Gadzikwa, Zimbabwe
2016 – 2019 Vice President Mrs. Amel Ben Farhat, Tunisia
2016 – 2017 Vice President Mr. Nébil BEN BECHIR, Tunisia
2012 – 2016 President Dr. Joseph Ikemefuna Odumodu, Nigeria
2012 – 2016 Vice President Monsieur BOOTO à NGON Charles, Cameroon
2012 – 2016 Treasurer Mr. Katima Temba, South Africa
2009 – 2012 President Dr. (Eng) Kioko Mang’eli, Kenya
2004 – 2007 President Mr. Mesai Girma, Ethiopia
2006 Vice-President Madame Loise MAYUMA KASENDE, Democratic Republic of Congo
2004 Vice-President Mr. Adrien Venant Domai Makuth, Democratic Republic of Congo
2005 Vice-President Mr. Kanama Viki Mbuya, Democratic Republic of Congo
2006 – 2008 Treasurer Dr. Adu Darkwa, Ghana
2003 – 2004 Treasurer Mr. Nimo Ahinkorah, Ghana
2005 Treasurer Mr. Lawrence Yankey, Ghana
2014 – 2015 Treasurer Dr. Sadhvir Bissoon, South Africa
2002 – 2008 Secretary General Mr. Damian Udenna Agbanelo
2009 – 2012 Secretary General Mr. Andrew Maiyo