ARSO Certification System (ARSO-CERT) is a regional certification system established by ARSO following the expansion of ARSO’s mandate by the Lagos Plan of Action for the Economic Development of Africa (1980 – 2000). ARSO CERT is a continental certification marking scheme intended to certify the quality of and promoting African products. Following the approval by 48th Council for the re-launching of the ARSO Certification System, the ARSO Secretariat renamed ARSO-CERTCO to ARSO Conformity Assessment Committee (ARSO CACO) with expanded mandate to oversee all forms of conformity assessment with in Africa.

ARSO CACO seeks to enable member states to produce and offer consistent and improved quality of goods/products and services through harmonisation of common quality control, inspection and testing activities using standards as a medium.


  • Provide for an African Certification System for processes, goods, products and services produced in accordance with the Africa Standards (ARS) issued by ARSO.
  • Improve the quality of goods in Africa.
  • Provide a forum for collaboration in Conformity Assessment activities in Africa with a view to affording mutual benefits to the participating members of ARSO CACO.