Technical Content

Testing programme for the PACE-PTS proficiency testing scheme.

During the kick-off workshop the testing programme was discussed and developed among the participants. The decision was made to have a mandatory and an optional testing programme. All laboratories were equipped with a set of standard sand according to EN 196-1 as well as homogenised cement the origin of which was unknown to the laboratories. In addition a set of readily cured mortar prisms produced and cured under identical conditions in the laboratories of BAM. In the proficiency testing scheme on 2014/2015 each laboratory was also equipped with sand and aggregates in order to look at the measurement of the aggregate grading.

Sample box used for the proficiency testing scheme 2012/2013. In future the containers will additionally contain a sand and aggregates.

Mandatory test programme

Test itemSpecification2012/2013Specification2014/2015Specification2014/2015
Loss on IgnitionEN 196-2:2005XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Insoluble residueEN 196-2:2005XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Chloride contentEN 196-2:2005XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Sulfate contentEN 196-2:2005XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Specific surface (Blaine)EN 196-6:2010XEN 196-6:2010XEN 196-6:2010X
Standard consistenceEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005X
Initial setting timeEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005X
Final setting timeEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005X
2 + 28 days flex. strengthEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-1:2010X
2 + 28 days compr. strengthEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-1:2010X
Workability testTo be definedX

Optional testing programme

Test itemSpecification2012/2013Specification2014/2015Specification2014/2015
SoundnessEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
7 days flexural strengthEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
7 days compressive strengthEN 196-1:2010XEN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Sand + aggregate sievingEN 933-1:2012EN 196-2:2013XEN 196-2:2013X
Flexural strength of supplementary specimensEN 196-6:2010XEN 196-6:2010XEN 196-6:2010X
Compressive strength of supplementary specimensEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005XEN 196-3:2005X