Lagos Plan of Action

Lagos Plan of Action for the Economic Development of Africa, 1980-2000

The Lagos Plan of Action recommended measures for the expansion of Intra-African trade and in Paragraph 250(ii) (j)-(l) tasked ARSO to establish and operate a regional certification marking scheme with a view to certifying the quality of and promoting African products.

Within the decade 1980-1990, ARSO took a number of steps in order to realize this mandate. These included:

(i)         Organizing training workshops in quality control and certification;

(ii)        Conducting expert studies on national, reciprocal, multinational and regional certification;

(iii)        Developing the modality and methodology for the establishment and operation of a regional certification system, that is, the ARSO Certification System (ARSO-CERT);

(iv)       Convening an Expert Group Meeting on Certification which reviewed and adopted rules and procedures which constitute the Constitution, Rules and the Guide of ARSO-CERT;

(v)        Final approval of the above rules and procedures of ARSO-CERT by the ARSO Council in November 1990 in Nairobi, Kenya.

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