Pan African Quality Infrastructure

Implementing ACAP within the Landscape of PAQI, the AfCFTA and the African Quality Policy

Pan-African Quality Infrastructure

The Pan African Quality Infrastructure (PAQI) brings together ARSO, AFRAC, AFRIMETS and AFSEC and is in line with international good practices with regard to Quality Infrastructure, which consists of Standards, Metrology (Measurement) and Accreditation.

The CAMI 20, the Conference of African Ministers of Industry held in June 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya, made a declaration on quality infrastructure, recognizing the Pan-African Quality Infrastructure (PAQI) as the continental platform for all matters related to standardization, metrology, and accreditation in order to strengthen the competitiveness of Africa’s goods and services and contribute towards the industrialization of the continent and its sustainability. PAQI was officially launched in August 2013 by the director of trade and industry, African Union Commission (AUC).

The objectives of Pan-African Quality Infrastructure are the following:

(1)        To promote the development of a coherent PAQI supporting the objectives of African integration in accordance with the Abuja Treaty;

(2)        To strengthen the development and implementation of African policies on Standards, Measurement, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation that supports the realization of Africa’s Economic integration and environmental sustainability;

(3)        To provide timely Standards, Measurement, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation solutions to the region whilst upholding the values of openness, transparency and consensus;

(4)        To develop effective relations with the AU and RECs in order to promote and reinforce the role of PAQI as a tool for supporting AU policies those enhance intra-African and global trade to improve quality of life;

(5)        To represent Africa on all matters pertaining to standards, metrology, conformity assessment and accreditation;

(6)        To secure adequate funding for the PAQI to support capacity development in Standards, Measurement, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation in close collaboration with international partner organizations.

PAQI Structure, Function and Impact Brochure.pdf

PAQI Terms of Reference